A Baptism Preparation Course


Shared by Rev Peter Thomas, Minister of North Springfield Baptist Church and Treasurer of CBM.

Most churches prepare people who have requested Believer’s Baptism with some kind of course or classes and many ministers write their own materials for this. Here is mine.

bapprep nsbc

If it is of any use to you, ministers are free to use or adapt this resource in any way you like. Acknowledgement of source would be nice.

It would be great if other Members of CBM were happy to share Baptism Preparation materials which they have developed as well. Indeed there are bound to be very many other materials which ministers have developed which it would be good to share and this website is a great place to do so.

Please send an email explaining what your resource is (e,g, book, booklet, website) with the material attached as a file (e.g. Word docs, pdf files etc). We can embed your file into a post on this site which can then be found by search engines as well as visitors here.trailer movie Dunkirk

Due to space limitations we can only host files of up to 1MB here so if you have audio, video or image files or books which are larger than that, please include a link to where your materials can already be found online e.g. on your own or your church’s website.

Let’s get sharing!

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