Action Groups – an Example of an Approach

An Action Group is simply a group of four to six people including Elders, Deacons and Church Members who take responsibility for a particular area of the church’s life.


In case they are of interest to anybody, I am sharing below details of the Action Groups we adopted in my previous church as a way of distributing the tasks often carried by the Deacons. By way of context, the church had 130+ members and roughly as many other adult contacts regularly attending services or different activities. As well as the minister, FT Youth Worker and FT Outreach Worker, and PT Administrator, the church was led by 2-4 Elders with pastoral responsibility (and Secretary, Treasurer and 6-8 Deacons without pastoral responsibility). There were around 8 Home Groups and the Leaders of these had responsibility for members/attendees of the groups and their families, and a few individuals were identified as Pastoral Carers supporting people who were not part of Home Groups.


Do feel free to use or adapt these guidelines in any ways you choose.


Rev Peter Thomas   North Springfield Baptist Church 2017



An Action Group is simply a group of four to six Elders, Deacons and Church Members who take responsibility for a particular area of the church’s life.


Each Action Group is empowered to guide the life of the church within its area of concern, initiating, planning, promoting and realizing appropriate events and activities, liaising with other people as required. Groups (apart from Group 1, Worship and Learning) will make recommendations to the Deacons’ Meeting and, except for major or sensitive issues, Deacons will normally accept recommendations without revisiting all the earlier detailed discussions.


Action Groups are appointed by the Elders and Deacons and led by a Coordinator. By delegating many things currently discussed by all the Deacons to different groups, the work is shared more widely.


Periodically some Action Groups will hold “consultation meetings” drawing together a wider group for particular purposes (e.g. Worship and Learning AG meeting with the whole of the Worship Group, or Youth AG and Children AG bringing together ALL the leaders of the relevant organizations) or even “open meetings” inviting attendance from the whole church. On occasion Church Meetings could incorporate meetings of some of the Action Groups, inviting members to join in discussing a particular aspect of the life of the church in depth but with two or three Action Groups holding discussions in parallel.


Note that Pastoral Care does not have its own Action Group. Pastoral Care is the shared responsibility of Deacons, Home Group Leaders and the whole fellowship, co-ordinated by the Minister and Elders, aided by the Pastoral Co-ordination Group.



1.  WORSHIP AND LEARNING – coordinator Minister

Areas of concern: Worship. Prayer. Teaching and Training.

Personnel necessarily involved: Minister. Elders.

Co-opted: some Home Group Leaders, Worship Group Leader Relevant budget items: Teaching/Training. Music.

Specific responsibilities: Services. Visiting preachers. Prayer meetings and events. Prayer triplets. Home Groups. Womens Own. Training events. Liaison with other churches (Churches Together and local Evangelical Fellowship).

(This Group reports to Elders not to Deacons)

2.  OUTREACH – coordinators 1 Elder and 1 Deacon

Areas of concern: Witness and evangelism. Social responsibility and community action.

Personnel necessarily involved: Minister. Outreach Worker

Relevant budget items: Outreach. Publicity.

Specific responsibilities: Alpha. Jesus Video. Open air witness. Mums & Toddlers. Oasis. Special outreach services, events and activities. Outreach publicity and liaison with Press. Developing community involvement and social issues. Training in evangelism

(This Group reports to both Elders and Deacons)

3.  YOUTH (11-18s) – coordinator 1 Deacon

Areas of concern: All activities involving 11-18s

Personnel necessarily involved: Youth Worker. Co-opted: leaders of relevant organizations.

Relevant budget items: Youth Work

Specific responsibilities: All youth activities. Special events for youth including any holidays away. Special services for youth. Training for youth workers. Safeguarding for 11-18s.

4.  CHILDREN (0-11s) – coordinator 1 Deacon

Areas of concern: All activities involving 0-11s

Personnel necessarily involved: Co-opted: leader of Family Church and some other leaders of relevant organizations.

Relevant budget items: Children’s work,

Specific responsibilities: All children’s activities. Special events for children including Holiday Club and Family Church Festival. Children’s items in services ands special services for children. Liaison with pre-School Committee. Training for children’s workers. Safeguarding 0-11s.

5.  WORLD MISSION – coordinator Minister

Areas of concern: Prayer, giving and support for Mission beyond our town.

Personnel necessarily involved: Minister. Co-opted some reps for missionary organizations.

Relevant budget items: Giving to others.

Specific responsibilities: Effective liaison with Missionary Organisations, especially AIM, BMS and Baptist Home Mission, and with our missionaries. World Mission displays and literature. Regular Mission news items, intercessions in services and prayer for mission. “World Mission Evenings” and other special events.

6.  FELLOWSHIP – coordinator 1 Deacon

Areas of concern: Building relationships among members and friends of the church by appropriate social events/activities.

Personnel necessarily involved: Co-opted: catering people.

Relevant budget items: Catering

Specific responsibilities: Special social events e.g. Harvest, Christmas, Church Anniversary. Developing a programme of regular social / pre-evangelistic activities. Fellowship occasions (after services etc). Newcomer’s Teas

7.  PREMISES – coordinator 1 Deacon

Areas of concern: Church buildings. Manse. Church property.

Personnel necessarily involved: Treasurer, “Property Deacon”

Relevant budget items: All Property items

Specific responsibilities: Maintenance and security of all property. Health and safety. Innovative development and enhancement of plant/fabric for the needs of a church in the 21st century.

Oversight of a group delegated to supervise the premises day-to-day, including overseeing the cleaning.

8.  Administration and Finance – coordinators Church Secretary and Treasurer

Areas of concern: Administration. Finance.

Personnel necessarily involved: Church Secretary, Treasurer and Administrator.

Relevant budget items: Overview of budget.

Specific responsibilities: Support of Secretary, Treasurer and Administrator . Church internal communications. Membership list. Administrative liaison with outside bodies. Consultations re budgets.

Action Group Responsibilities 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
W&L Outr Yth Chld Miss Fell Prem A&F
Home Groups / Bible Studies x
Prayer meetings and events x
Preschool x
Mums and Toddlers x
Family Church x
Childrens Clubs x
Youth activities x
Christmas and Easter x x
Harvest and Anniversary x x
Alpha x
Womens Own x
Weekday Group x
Oasis x
BMS & Home Mission Support x
Our Missionaries x
Christian Aid, Tear Fund x
Link Missionaries x
Alpha x
Baptist Times x
Book Stall x
Bible Reading Notes x
Child Protection & Advocate x  x
Church Directory x
Church Magazine x
Church Yellow Pages x
Drama x
Flowers x
Holiday Club  x
Housebound Visits x
Kitchen Steward x
Minibus Rota x
PA/ Technology x
Prayer Focus x
Premises Team x
Press Liaison x
Stewarding x
Tape Distribution x
Welcoming Team x
Worship Group x

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