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The perfect meeting

An article from Rev Dr Paul Beasley-Murray, Chair of CBM, from his blog   Recently the Harvard Business Review published a list of seven ways to have a ‘perfect meeting’: Keep it small. No more than seven people should attend. In a large group it is impossible to pick up body language and subtle […]

Creating an agenda for a meeting

An article from Rev Dr Paul Beasley-Murray, Chair of CBM, from his blog   Meetings are often the bane of a church’s life. They can be such a waste of time. Indeed, I rather like the suggestion that every committee should discuss its own dissolution once a year, and put up a case if […]

Action Groups – an Example of an Approach

An Action Group is simply a group of four to six people including Elders, Deacons and Church Members who take responsibility for a particular area of the church’s life.   In case they are of interest to anybody, I am sharing below details of the Action Groups we adopted in my previous church as a […]

Bride of Christ or Bride of Frankenstein – the Importance of Church Unity

This message was preached by Rev Peter Thomas at a joint service of Churches Together in Brentwood when he was their Moderator. It explains why church unity and ecumenical cooperation are vital, not only for Christians and the church but also for the world. I believe in Church Unity! And I am convinced that working […]

Why the most important Baptist Distinctive is “The Believers’ Church”

For four days in 2008 I took part in a conference at the Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg on “Congregationalism, Denominationalism and the Believers’ Church”. This brought together mostly academics but also pastors from the Baptist, Mennonite and other Brethren traditions from Canada and the Northern USA. I then spent ten days experiencing the life of First Baptist Church, Penticton. […]

Church – singular or plural?

I want to propose a subtle revolution: make church plural not singular. What kind of language do you use when you talk about the church? In the singular or in the plural? North Springfield Baptist Church IS or North Springfield Baptist Church ARE? Do you say “ NSBC HOLDS ITS morning service at 10.30? Or […]

The Plural of Disciple is Church

From Rev Dr Paul Beasley-Murray, retired minister of Central Baptist Church Chelmsford and Chair of CBM Republished with permission from Paul’s blog at My attention was recently drawn to a book by Alison Morgan called Following Jesus (Resource, Wells, Somerset 2015) with the interesting sub-title: The plural of disciple is church. In this book […]

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xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017) Duration 107 mins Genre Action, Adventure, Crime. In Cinemas January 13, 2017 Language English. Country United States of America. Plot For xXx: Return of Xander Cage Movie ‘xXx: Return of Xander Cage’ was released in January 13, 2017 in genre Action. D.J. Caruso was directed this movie and starring […]

Download Movie The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight (2008) HD Director : Christopher Nolan. Producer : Charles Roven, Christopher Nolan, Emma Thomas, Lorne Orleans. Release : July 16, 2008 Country : United Kingdom, United States of America. Production Company : DC Comics, Legendary Pictures, Warner Bros., DC Entertainment, Syncopy. Language : English, 普通话. Runtime : 152 Genre : Drama, Action, […]