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Ministry Today UK Legacy Volumes are now available as PDFs

For 24 years and 72 issues, Ministry Today (later Ministry Today UK) was the only interdenominational professional journal on the practice of Christian Ministry in the UK. It remains an invaluable resource for ministers in pastorate, in sector ministries and in training. In 2018 Ministry Today UK closed leaving a legacy of wisdom and experience […]

The Joys of GDPR

In an earlier life I was a teacher of science and computing. I entered ministry in 1986 when personal computers first began to be affordable (anybody else remember the Amstrad PCW8256?) and we were one of the very first churches to be keeping our members’ details on computer. Ever since then, other ministers, churches and […]

Preparing for Christmas

Encouragement for ministers from CBM Board Member Rev Dr Paul Goodliff I have just received an email from a major DIY chain that announced (in early November, for crying out loud) that “Christmas is Here!” Already? I though Christmas was in late-December, and we have not yet endured that hell on earth that is “Black […]

Ministry Today UK 1994-2018 Legacy Volumes

A message from Chair of CBM Board Rev Dr Paul Beasley-Murray Ministry Today UK   As you will know, one of the ‘perks’ of belonging to the College of Baptist Ministers is that members receive three times a year the journal, Ministry Today UK.   Alas, I am writing to let you know that there will […]

Priests for Today – Does Christian Ministry have a Future?

Posted by Rev Peter Thomas – Minister of North Springfield Baptist Church and Treasurer of CBM. The priests in the Old Testament, the Tribe of Levi, had very special duties and very special privileges. They were the cornerstone of the faith and religion of Israel. The word priest or priesthood occurs a staggering 937 times in […]

Welcome to the CBM Website and Blog

Thank you for visiting. This blog of articles and resources contributed by Members of CBM will be useful for all Christian ministers especially in Baptist Churches. Explore different topics using the Menu bar above and search the site for any words using the Search box. The Pages about CBM listed on the right  introduce The College […]