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What makes churches grow?

An article from Rev Dr Paul Beasley-Murray, Chair of CBM, from his blog Church Growth is back on the agenda – but not the 1970s variety from the USA, but rather the new style espoused by the Church of England. Last week I had the joy of reading What makes churches grow? Vision and […]

Inviting to grow

An article from Rev Dr Paul Beasley-Murray, Chair of CBM, from his blog   Churches need to cultivate an invitational culture among their members. True, a report on Churchgoing in the UK (Tear Fund 2007) revealed that 60% of all adults say that they will not consider going to church – but that still […]

Let’s make the most of the Easter Season

An article from Rev Dr Paul Beasley-Murray, Chair of CBM, from his blog   Without exception every church does a great job when it comes to celebrating Christmas. Many churches make a good deal of the season of Lent. But most churches do a miserable job in celebrating Easter – in the sense that […]

Meet Jesus: a Video Course for Inquirers

“MEET JESUS” – A SHARED RESOURCE Many folk who are new to the Christian faith are not yet ready for an inquirers’ course like Alpha or Christianity Explored which would be too long, demanding, intense or expect too much pre-knowledge. Many churches develop their own alternative approaches and this one comes from North Springfield Baptist […]

Becoming a Servant – a Theology of Ministry

This message from Rev Peter Thomas of North Springfield Baptist Church was delivered at the Commissioning Service for Lyn, a Missionary departing to serve the church in Uganda with Africa Inland Mission. It speaks to missionaries, ministers, evangelists, church workers and everyone engaged in Christian Ministry about the nature of our calling. A church was […]

Off to a Good Start – the Outreach Opportunities at the Start of a Ministry

From Rev Peter Thomas, minister of North Springfield Baptist Church and Treasurer of CBM. What is the best way to begin a new ministry? With 24 years of experience as I began my fourth pastorate here at NSBC I resolved that this time things would be different. For the first time we took full advantage […]

Seventeen Simple Things to Help Your Outreach

Here are 17 suggestions for simple straightforward inexpensive obvious things which any church could do to help its mission, outreach, evangelism and community involvement. 1 Pray! Days of prayer and nights of prayer and weeks of prayer and prayer walking. “Asking is the rule of the kingdom.” (Spurgeon) 2 Offer prayer “What can I pray […]

Alpha Revisited

From Rev Dr Paul Beasley-Murray, retired minister of Central Baptist Church Chelmsford and Chair of CBM Republished with permission from Paul’s blog at   Over the years I have been a great fan of the evangelistic potential of Alpha courses, and as a result used to run two Alpha courses every year and in […]