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New Year’s Resolutions – a Bible Reading Plan through Luke’s Gospel

I am beginning the New Year talking about New Year’s Resolutions and share a few ideas in case they might be useful to you. I am seeking to inspire my folk to greater discipleship by presenting ten possible worthy resolutions in the hope that they might each wish to commit to a few of them. […]

Church Christmas Cards to deliver

Each Christmas we create a card from the church. We give it to all our church contacts, Toddler Group, Drop In, Haven Cafe customers etc and I encourage all our members to give copies to all their friends and neighbours. With a print run of either 2500 or 5000 we deliver all the rest to […]

The Greatest Christmas Present – a booklet you can give away

“Read the wonderful story of the greatest Christmas present of all — God’s gift of His Son Jesus Christ.” It is hard to find an inexpensive booklet to give away widely which explains the meaning of Christmas. So I created one. In 24 pages it combines the Christmas stories from the royalty-free NET Bible with […]

The Joys of GDPR

In an earlier life I was a teacher of science and computing. I entered ministry in 1986 when personal computers first began to be affordable (anybody else remember the Amstrad PCW8256?) and we were one of the very first churches to be keeping our members’ details on computer. Ever since then, other ministers, churches and […]

Sermons online

There are many collections of sermons online which can be  very helpful to preachers, not least by suggesting relevant introductions and helpful illustrations for a particular passage or topic. Containing thousands of sermons from hundreds of contributors with very helpful indexes, but sometimes very “american” in style and theology: British, Baptist, and from a […]

The Whole Story – the Entire New Testament in Three Months

THE WHOLE STORY – A SHARED RESOURCE The Whole Story is a programme of sermons, studies and daily readings which takes the church through the whole of the New Testament in thirteen week. A pattern of daily readings covers every word of the New Testament in a structured pattern, with a brief introduction to each […]

Meet Jesus: a Video Course for Inquirers

“MEET JESUS” – A SHARED RESOURCE Many folk who are new to the Christian faith are not yet ready for an inquirers’ course like Alpha or Christianity Explored which would be too long, demanding, intense or expect too much pre-knowledge. Many churches develop their own alternative approaches and this one comes from North Springfield Baptist […]

Baptist Journals and Other Biblical Studies, Theology, Missiology and Ministry Journals Online

Many journals of special interest to Baptists are available online. The website Theology on the Web carries back issues of a number of Baptist journals including Baptist Ministers’ Journal Baptist Quarterly BACUP Papers (The Network of Baptist Church Planters) The Fraternal Mainstream – Baptists for Life and Growth Transactions of the Baptist Historical Society as […]

A Baptism Preparation Course

BAPTISM PREPARATION COURSE – A SHARED RESOURCE Shared by Rev Peter Thomas, Minister of North Springfield Baptist Church and Treasurer of CBM. Most churches prepare people who have requested Believer’s Baptism with some kind of course or classes and many ministers write their own materials for this. Here is mine. bapprep nsbc If it is […]

Commending the journal “Ministry Today UK”

For more than 20 years Ministry Today UK has been a unique resource providing a cross-denominational network for ministers and church leaders interested in: Exploring the new challenges of mission Sharpening their ministry skills Gaining new insights into pastoral care Reflecting on the practice of ministry Growing as a person Developing as a professional Ministry Today is […]