Happy Ever After? and A Loved One Dies

We are happy to announce two new resources for ministers from CBM.

HAPPY EVER AFTER?  A work book for couples preparing for marriage

by Paul Beasley-Murray

A5 booklet – 48 pages in length. Third updated edition published 2017 by CBM. ISBN 978-1-9999301-1-0

A LOVED ONE DIES  Help in the first few weeks

by Paul Beasley-Murray

A5 booklet – 48 pages in length Second updated edition published 2017 by CBM ISBN 978-1-9999301-0-3


A happy and fulfilled marriage is one of the greatest of blessings men and women can ever experience. Yet it cannot be said of every couple that they lived ‘happy ever after’. Many marriages do not achieve their God-given potential: some marriages break up, while others become dull and sterile. Hence the importance of marriage preparation. For good marriages don’t just happen. Good marriages are the result of people consciously working at their relationship with one another. Your marriage will be successful to the degree that you work at it – both during the period of preparation, as also in the years that lie ahead.

The course assumes that, in addition to the initial interview with your minister, when some of the basic issues relating to the wedding day are sorted out, there will be a number of sessions when you will be helped to think though in a relaxed way what commitment to one another in marriage is all about.


There is nothing harder than losing someone you love. If only it were not so. When we have loved deeply, we hurt deeply when the object of our love is no longer with us. We ache for their presence. Our sense of loss is almost unbearable. Neither kind words from friends nor sleeping pills from the doctor seem to make much difference. Grief is something which we have to work through for ourselves.

Furthermore, it is at this hardest of times, when we have to summon up all our energies just to cope with living, that we find ourselves called upon to make all kinds of decisions relating to the funeral of our loved one. Although we differ from many other countries where the funeral normally takes place within 24 hours of the death, it still feels as if we are given little time to make those decisions. To compound matters, we find ourselves perhaps surrounded by well-meaning relatives and friends offering contradictory advice. It is not easy to deal with all these pressures when we ourselves are feeling so fragile.

At such a time we need help. We need help not just in our decision-making, but also in our coping with the first few weeks of our bereavement. This booklet sets out to supplement the help that will be given by your minister and others.


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