Meet Jesus: a Video Course for Inquirers


Many folk who are new to the Christian faith are not yet ready for an inquirers’ course like Alpha or Christianity Explored which would be too long, demanding, intense or expect too much pre-knowledge. Many churches develop their own alternative approaches and this one comes from North Springfield Baptist Church in Essex.

Meet Jesus is a six week pre-evangelism course which uses clips from the readily available and inexpensibe DVD video series “Jesus of Nazareth”, Zeffirelli’s account starring Robert Powell as Jesus. Each evening begins with refreshment leading into a clip from the video lasting 10-20 minutes relevant to the topic for the evening. This is followed by open-ended discussion, including reading the Gospel passage for the week. The whole session lasts 60-80 minutes. Topics for the six weeks are:

1. What is God like? The loving Father and the prodigal son

2. Jesus heals a blind man – and asks, “How can I help you?”

3. The Sermon on the Mount – Jesus shows us the secret of real happiness

4. Feeding the 5000 – life in all its fullness

5. Good Friday – who died why?

6. Easter Sunday – didn’t he used to be dead?

Each participant is given a little booklet leading them through the sessions and also their own copy of the New Testament. This is the booklet  MEET JESUS booklet 2017 PDF

Ministers are most welcome to use the Meet Jesus course as it is, or more likely, take the general idea and rework it for your own setting. Feel free to quote from or edit the booklet as you choose, although acknowledgement of authorship would be nice.

You could of course use a different video. Please note that you would need a CCLI licence to show videos as part of a church activity. See

If you choose to use Meet Jesus, or if you have any questions, do get in touch. Email

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