Membership of CBM

The College of Baptist Ministers (CBM) offer our members:

Development in Ministry

  • Resources and Training
  • A regular email newsletter – full of helpful ideas for ministry
  • Resources to study – academic and sabbatical studies and research
  • Resources shared – studies, courses, documents and media
  • Refresher Conferences and Training Courses – furthering excellence in ministry
  • Advisors and Development Networks – sharing expertise and experience
  • Workplace Consultancy – for ministers, teams and churches
  • Sabbatical Guidance – ideas and help
  • Mutual Accountability – peer mentoring and spiritual direction
  • Support in Regular Reviews of Ministry – offering facilitators and frameworks
  • Our nine-stranded approach to Continuing Ministerial Development – with your own online Personal CMD Portfolio
  • Gifts and massive reductions on purchase of books on ministry.

Support in Ministry 

  • Advice and Assistance
  • Agreed Guidelines – a code of ethics and policies on good practice
  • Professional Standing – among colleagues and churches
  • A Forum and a Voice – representing the concerns of ministers
  • Support – standing with ministers in times of conflict
  • Help in Times of Need – with a telephone helpline never feel alone

CBM warmly welcomes all ministers serving Baptist churches as pastoral ministers, youth specialists or evangelists, or as pioneers, whether accredited or not, full time, part-time or bi-vocational, as well as ministers serving in Sector Ministries or with BMS or other recognised agencies.


The Full Subscription rate is £45 for one year or £85 for two years.
The Reduced Subscription rate is £25 for one year or £45 for two years.

Full Subscription is payable by:
Ministers serving a church full time or part time more than 50%. [ ]
Ministers in sector ministry (e.g. chaplaincy or education) [ ]Missionaries serving with BMS or another recognised agency [ ]

Reduced Subscription is payable by:
Ministers in Training whether church or college based [ ]
Self-supporting ministers or ministers serving their church up to and including 50%. [ ]
Ministers in retirement [ ]


Download this application form. Complete and return it as appropriate.



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