Ministry Today UK 1994-2018 Legacy Volumes

A message from Chair of CBM Board Rev Dr Paul Beasley-Murray

Ministry Today UK


As you will know, one of the ‘perks’ of belonging to the College of Baptist Ministers is that members receive three times a year the journal, Ministry Today UK.   Alas, I am writing to let you know that there will be only two more issues of the journal – Issue 71 (Autumn 2017) and Issue 72 (Spring 2018).


I confess that I feel a little sad, for I have been the General Editor ever since the first issue came out in March 1994.  However, nothing in life is permanent. I have always felt proud that Ministry Today UK was a group run by working ministers for working ministers.  Having retired from stipendiary ministry in March 2014, I felt that a younger person should take over. We looked for a younger person, but unfortunately were not successful.  As a result, even although the number of subscribers has been increasing, Ministry Today UK will close as from Easter 2018 and the journal will be no more.



Ministry Today UK 1994-2018


As part of ending well the Board of Ministry Today UK has decided to leave a legacy for future generations of ministers and church leaders.   After the final issue of Ministry Today UK in Spring 2018 – all 520 articles which have appeared in the journal (but not the reviews) will be republished in eight fully-indexed hard-back volumes.  I will serve as General Editor, and Peter Thomas, the CBM Treasurer, has nobly agreed to serve as Compiler.  These legacy volumes will be entitled Ministry Today UK 1994-2018 and will be on sale from May 2018 at £95 per set + postage.   However, there is still a special pre-publication price of just £60 + £10 postage and packing if you order before the end of February.


As some of you may know, over the years topics covered have been amazingly wide-ranging and included:  a building project; a call to excellence; abuse in the church; adolescence, popular culture and the church; appraisals; all-age worship; the art of preaching; building visions; care for the dying and the living; care for those struggling with terminal illness;  blogging; celebrating families;  cathedrals and growth; Celtic spirituality; chaplaincy;  children and communion;  children in the church; Christian grandparenting; chronic illness and the church; church design; church growth; competency;  creating a learning community; creating safe community; Damascus or Emmaus; depression; developing a health cell movement; digital faith; dreaming dreams; ending and beginning well; fishing nets or safety nets; forgiveness and faith; disability; finding holy ground in dull terrain; forty days of purpose; funeral of a baby;  gathering a harvest of righteousness; funerals are not always celebrations; goal setting; God gave rock’n roll to you;  grave inscriptions; growing old; helping large congregations to stop the right;  home groups; imagination and fun; immortal longings;  inviting a response; is Allah God? Jubilee ethics; keeping sermons fresh; lay ministry; leadership; leadership in the Book of Esther;  lessons in leadership failure; liberation theology and the local church; losing a staff member;  lost souls – who we do think we are?;  loving God and nation; managing is not enough; ministry and revivalism; ministry and technology; ministry burnout; ministry from the margins; ministry in a small community;  ministry stages; ministry to survivors of sexual abuse; multi-ethnic worship; pastoral counselling; pastoral visiting;  prayer; prayer and midlife ministry;  preaching amidst the ruins of Christendom; preaching the messianic prophecies; the preacher as poet; race, class and the Gospel in multi-cultural Britain;  real men don’t do church;  reforming worship; reliability in ministry; reshaping worship for evangelism in a missionary church; responsibility without authority;  retirement; resolving difficulties in the local church; rural evangelism; same gender relationships; seven keys for survival in ministry; spiritual accountability; suburban and urban spirituality; suicide; supervision;  surviving the culture of criticism; the care of seniors; the challenge of assimilation; the Christian leader as contemplative; the cultural context of mission;  the Gospel-driven church;  the long-term pastorate; the Lord’s prayer and terrorism;  the male identity crisis in the church; the ministry of little things; the care of the homeless; the violence of language;  theological reflection and stress management; time to move on; transition planning; turning leavers into returners; understanding the changing patterns of church attendance; where have all  the prophets gone?; why we should not commemorate World War 1; working with asylum seekers; working with young people.


To take advantage of this early bird offer payment needs to be received by the end of November.  The Ministry Today UK Treasurer would prefer payment by bank transfer in the sum of £70 (£60 + £10 postage & packing). The details are:  sort code 30-00-05 (Lloyds TSB: Park Row Leeds Branch); account number 02979946 (account name: Ministry Today UK). At the same time name and address needs to be confirmed by email to  Alternatively, cheques can be made out to Ministry Today UK and sent to Rev William Ruddle Northgate House, Northgate, Pinchbeck, Spalding, Lincs PE11 1SQ.



Future resources for ministers


Clearly nothing can fully replace Ministry Today UK.  However, right from the start the College of Baptist Ministers has been committed to providing resources for ministers.  In the first instance, such resources are to be found on the CBM web-site ( – and nothing would please us more if members were to submit resources that they had created or developed.  If you have something to offer, then please contact Peter Thomas at

Secondly, as those of you have been members for a while, in we have already sent out one ‘freebie’:  viz. The Passionate Leader by Terry Calking & myself. We will shortly be sending out another – Peter Thomas’ Prepared To Give An Answer,

Then, at our July meeting, the CBM Board agreed to publish a small book entitled Ministry FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) authored by members of the Board and offering practical advice and insights on such issues as pastoral skills, diplomacy and church politics, wisdom, leadership, administration, handling conflict, practical ministry skills, managing time and space, finance and premises.  Hopefully Ministry FAQs will appear before Christmas.  This will not be free, but will be available to members at a fairly nominal price.


Finally, I have begun to edit and order thematically a collection of my blogs, entitled Church Matters, which hopefully will be published early in 2018 – and there will be a special discount for CBM members.


So one way or another, the College of Baptist Ministers is seeking to bless its members!



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