New Year’s Resolutions – a Bible Reading Plan through Luke’s Gospel

I am beginning the New Year talking about New Year’s Resolutions and share a few ideas in case they might be useful to you. I am seeking to inspire my folk to greater discipleship by presenting ten possible worthy resolutions in the hope that they might each wish to commit to a few of them. They are based on the “Day by Day” prayer attributed to Richard of Chichester in the 12th Century.
Lord Jesus Christ, Day by day
May I see you more clearly,
Love you more dearly,
And follow you more nearly.
These are the possible resolutions I am recommending.
1. Give more time to reading the Bible (see below)
2. Read a Christian book every month (I will have books for them to borrow)
3. Look for an extra way of learning (pointing them to my blog of all my past sermons at
4. Pray the Day by Day prayer or “The Prayer of Saint Francis” every day.
5. Give more time to personal prayer and set aside some times for retreat.
6. Pray more with other Christians
7. Turn to God more in times of temptation
8. Develop your spiritual gifts
9. Work hard at sharing your faith.
10. Seek to experience more of the love and power of the Holy Spirit
To launch the idea I am reworking a sermon from nine years ago which is online here
To help my folk further with Bible Reading between now and Easter we will be exploring discipleship by working through Luke’s Gospel. I have created a plan of daily readings taking us through the Gospel. Each Sunday I will preach on one of the passages they will have read during the previous week.
You can download the Bible Reading Plan here
When I offered this to my previous church the response was excellent and it helped many get into the habit of daily Bible readings. I have high hopes for my current church, which includes a number of new Christians with 2 baptisms on 19th January to start the year as we mean to go on.
Do feel free to adapt these ideas in any way you like.

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