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This website is rapidly becoming a vital resource for ministers. The Pages contain helpful Guidelines and other documents adopted and endorsed by CBM.  The blog features all the Monthly Emails produced by CBM and other articles from Blogs by Paul Beasley-Murray and Peter Thomas.

The blog also includes includes member’s recommendations of “must read” books, articles and online materials  for ministers.

All articles are indexed to one or more of the Categories in the menu below the header at the top of the page. You can also search the whole site for any keywords using the Search box at the top on the right.

But the College of Baptist Ministers is a community run by ministers for ministers. An important part of our collegiate life is all our members sharing resources with each other

• interests and areas of expertise to help us find other ministers who share our interest or to pick their brains on theirs

• research in areas of theology, ministry, mission and church

• resources and materials we have developed and used which other ministers might find helpful.

In particular we can share books, articles and materials, blogs and websites which might come out of academic study or Sabbatical experiences or our ongoing study and reflection.

Members are invited to contibute short articles up to 500 words on any topic which will be of interest to other ministers. These can point to books, longer articles and web resources. We will publish all these articles on this CBM blog for the benefit of other ministers.

Writers should keep in mind that this is a completely public website.

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