The Greatest Christmas Present – a booklet you can give away

“Read the wonderful story of the greatest Christmas present of all — God’s gift of His Son Jesus Christ.”

It is hard to find an inexpensive booklet to give away widely which explains the meaning of Christmas. So I created one. In 24 pages it combines the Christmas stories from the royalty-free NET Bible with reflections on Christmas and a simple gospel message. Produced in bulk they cost just 20p each (using to give to Toddler Groups, Drop In and  Cafe Customers as well as for our church members to give away to their friends and neighbours and even include with Christmas cards to send to their families.

Feel free to print copies or adapt to your own situation. You will need to find a suitable front cover image. Please remember to include the NET Bible copyright information from the inside back cover and if you include bits I have written then also my copyright information from the same page.

I pray that this will be useful to you.

The booklet can be downloaded as a PDF file here The Greatest Christmas Present BOOK 4 PDF


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