The Whole Story – the Entire New Testament in Three Months


The Whole Story is a programme of sermons, studies and daily readings which takes the church through the whole of the New Testament in thirteen week. A pattern of daily readings covers every word of the New Testament in a structured pattern, with a brief introduction to each book. For each week there is a Bible Study on an important theme from a book which has just been read and a sermon on another of the books. Advance publicity says this.

Read the entire New Testament in thirteen weeks in an order which helps build up your understanding week by week.

On top of the great value of reading each passage you will also gain:

  • The Big Picture – an overview of all the books of the New Testament;
  • Where does it fit? See familiar passages in their wider context;
  • Filling the gaps – reading parts of the New Testament you haven’t read for years, or maybe have never read;
  • The satisfaction of completing the whole of the New Testament, especially if you have not read every part before;
  • Enjoy the benefits of the habit of reading the Bible every day.

The booklet for everybody contains:

  • A pattern of readings which will cover the whole New Testament in 13 weeks, reading on 6 days each week allowing for one day’s pause each week.
  • An introduction to the New Testament books featured in each week’s readings and their key themes.
  • A Bible study on the key themes of one book each week.

Sermons will bring out the key themes and Home Group studies will develop the readings of the previous week. Neither sermons nor studies will require you to have read the passages beforehand.

Download the booklet containing the reading plan and the Bible studies here.

The whole story INSIDE PAGES

Cover 2013 outer PDF

Obviously a preacher will address whichever themes from the different books are appropriate for the church. The sermons for The Whole Story when it was used at North Springfield Baptist Church are all online at

To use The Whole Story with your church you will need to print a copy of the booklet for every participant. Ministers are welcome to do this as long as authorship is acknowledged and the booklets are not sold for profit.

If you decide to use The Whole Story in your church, or have any questions, do get in touch by email to

Rev Peter Thomas is minister of North Springfield Baptist Church in Essex and Treasurer of CBM

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